Josh Lee

Josh Lee felt that he wanted to do more in between travels.
He  started experimenting with different mediums (Acrylic, Oil, Water, Graphite and Pastel), to see what’s best for him.
Then he was introduced to draw digitally by friends and started since September 2016.

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What People Say
Nice work Josh!! The pictures are elegantly beautiful!! They are like masterpieces!! The eagle looks so real and majestic. The rose just brings out the vibrancy in the house. Looking for places for your other pictures.Jeremy Loo
I bought a drawing from Josh Lee a few weeks ago and it’s proudly hanging on my wall. Every time I lay eyes on that drawing I see a talent that is expressed in it. The meticulous way it was drawn and every detail was captured! I will buy his painting and drawing again for sure. The only problem is I want all of them. Too many for my walls to hold!Ann Boey
Through his eyes, he could capture an ordinary scene with just a mobile phone and transformed it into a masterpiece winning awards and recognition for his works. Self-taught, he explores digital illustrations further with a series of paintings in black and white. The painting of the lion and the Eagles are probably his most popular works but my personal favourite is the lemur with the trumpet because this is one of his earliest attempts and every line and details behind the thick coat of fur has taken Joshua’s artistic journey further.Simon Awe
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Josh Lee has been on Instagram since 12 December 2010 and that led him to his creativity in photography.


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