What I Do

Josh, started his next career change in the year 2011 at age 45. Before that he was an Associate Pastor, serving in a church full time for 18 years. He has been with the church since the inception at 1983. It was really a tough decision to make but he believes that it was the LORD JESUS who had led him into the next chapter of this adventurous journey. He has no training in arts, photography or design. The year 2011 saw him start his business in Interior Design (both residential and commercial, ranging from 10 – 250k project) for 3 years and then he traveled for ministry (39 times) for the next 3 years.

The Artist Journey

The year 2016, he felt that he wanted to do more in between travels, he started experimenting with different mediums (Acrylic, Oil, Water, Graphite and Pastel), to see what’s best for him. He was then introduced to draw digitally by friends and started since September 2016.

In 2017, he decided to take a sabbatical from ministry and started drawing. He has drawn about 50+ images in a year.

Friends was really surprised when they saw his digital artwork and complimented him of his talent which he gave the credit to “A man can have nothing unless it’s given from above”.
Photography was another area he has no background or prior training. He started taking photos with his phone camera in 12/12/2010 when a friend introduced him to Instagram. A very good close friend who saw the potential and the eye that he has, gave him a Canon SLR camera to encourage him further into photography. He also uses the Canon G3x for more spontaneous shots.

If there’s anything worthy of praise and commercial benefits, he gives all the glory to God.


Josh, married with 3 grown daughters and lives in Singapore. He loves the outdoor adventures (extreme sports – hiking, skiing & boarding, diving, sky diving, bungee, futsal, racket game). He works out in a community gym and also musically inclined. He plays the guitar and piano, leads worship and even composed a couple of songs.


Josh, does not have any particular plan ahead except to live one day at a time and is trusting God to provide the inspiration and providence along the journey.

With God, every ending is always a new beginning.

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